AFBI Stakeholder Open Day 2018

AFBI's Annual Stakeholder Open Day was held on 7th June at AFBI Hillsborough with over 80 of AFBI's major stakeholders attending.

This year's event included a presentation from from Professor Nigel Scollan (Director of Queen's University Institute of Global Food Security) who outlined details of the AFBI/QUB Strategic Alliance. This was followed by the launch of AFBI's new Corporate Plan 2018-2022 which outlines AFBI's ambitions over the next four year period. Finally AFBI researchers highlighted three key areas of current research which included:

  • Results from the NI wide soil sampling study;
  • Exotic and emerging viral disease risks - AFBI's role in protecting the NI livestock industry; and
  • The art of successful grass breeding

The day ended with a "Meet the Scientist" lunch in the courtyard followed by a tour of the Anaerobic Digester and Nutrient Management Centre.