AFBI at the 2018 Balmoral Show

AFBI were out in force at the 2018 Balmoral Show, held from 16th - 19th May at Balmoral Park, Maze, Lisburn, exhibiting independently as part of its wider outreach activity.

Celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, AFBI’s Balmoral exhibition hosted a large number of visitors over the 4 days of the Balmoral Show and aimed to enhance understanding of the organisation and the impact of its world class research work at a farm, environmental, societal and economic level.  AFBI scientists from a number of areas were able to give the general public a better understanding of the work AFBI undertakes and how that work has the potential to impact on everday lives.

Dr Sinclair Mayne (AFBI CEO) noted that "Balmoral provides the perfect platform to engage with the widest possible range of people – from farmers and politicians to school children and everyone with an interest in food production and the wider rural and aquatic environments. It’s a great opportunity to bring science and research to life and make it meaningful by explaining our involvement and the outcomes of our work.”