Dr Erin Sherry (neé Minihan)





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Research Group

Regional economics and sustainability

Research Interests

  • Regional economics
  • Economic modelling (General/partial equilibrium, optimisation)
  • Economic and environmental resilience of the food system
  • Rural proofing / mainstreaming

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Dr Sherry (neé Minihan) is originally from Michigan and studied public affairs at James Madison College (Michigan State University) followed by Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Economics (The Pennsylvania State University) and General Equilibrium Modelling (Queen's University Belfast). Her research focuses on integrating the economic system with physical and social systems to inform policy design and implementation strategies. In 2020, she became lead researcher and Project Manager for a partial equilibrium modelling system, the FAPRI UK Project.This is a collaboration between AFBI and the University of Missouri, funded jointly by Defra, DAERA, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Government.

Select Publications

Vero, S.E., E.Sherry and D.Doody, 2020. Evidence and perception of phosphorus loss risk factors in farmyards, Environmental Science & Policy 114, 542-548

Sherry, E. and S. Shortall (2018) Methodological fallacies and perceptions of rural disparity: How rural proofing addresses real versus abstract needs, Journal of Rural Studies

Sherry, E. and S. Shortall (2018) The Needy Rural – Does Living in a Rural Area Mean that You Are in Need? In Service Provision and Rural Sustainability: Infrastructure and Innovation, 1st Edition, Edited by G. Halseth, S. Markey, and L. Ryser, Routeledge, Oxford

Minihan, E.S. and Z. Wu (2014) Capturing the macroeconomic impact of technology-based greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture: a computable general equilibrium approach, Operational Research, Vol.14, pp. 189-203

Minihan, E.S. and Z. Wu (2012) Economic structure and strategies for greenhouse gas mitigation, Energy Economics, Vol. 34, pp. 350-357