Director of Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division

Dr Elizabeth Magowan
Dr Elizabeth Magowan
Professor Elizabeth Magowan

Professor Elizabeth Magowan completed a PhD in dairy nutrition from Queens University, Belfast (with DARD Science Service and ARINI) in 2004 and joined AFBI as a pig research scientist in 2003.

Elizabeth developed the AFBI pig research programme until April 2017 after which she took up the post as Director of Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division.

Elizabeth’s early research focused on optimising pig production performance through management and nutritional strategies whilst reducing environmental impact. Elizabeth worked extensively on industry/academic collaborative studies and presented her work across the UK and at international conferences as well as publications in journals.

Elizabeth was awarded the Sir John Hammond Award in 2017, from the British Society of Animal Science, in recognition of her scientific work in collaboration with industry.

Key achievements for Elizabeth include performing the scientific co-ordinator of a multi-million euro EU FP7 project ECO FCE, leading AFBI’s membership of the UK Centre of Excellence for Livestock (CIEL) as well as undertaking the role of interim director of CIEL in its formative months. Elizabeth is also currently a Vice President of the British Society of Animal Science.   Elizabeth has also recently chaired UK wide consortiums of academics to deliver flagship reports for the Centre of Innovation and Excellence in Livestock on Livestock farming and net zero.

Elizabeth’s current role as Director of Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences in AFBI involves significant co-ordination of AFBI’s science in the area of sustainable agri-food production as well as leading important AFBI initiatives, for example the development of AFBI’s Science Strategy to 2030 and development of important alliances and partnerships such as with QUB and CAFRE.

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