Director of Environment & Marine Sciences Division EMSD

Mr Pieter-Jan Schön

Mr Pieter-Jan Schön
Pieter-Jan Schön was appointed as Director of AFBI’s new Environment and Marine Sciences Division on 1 November 2020. The decision to establish this new Division reflects the increasing importance and amount of scientific work undertaken by AFBI in the agri-environment, environment, marine and aquatic ecosystems areas. This is also in line with the general global and national recognition that the sustainable management, protection and enhancement of the environment and our ecosystems is vital and underpins the prosperity and growth of the economy and societal well-being.

Previously, Pieter-Jan led the Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems science programme in AFBI towards delivery on a high impact and quality integrated programme of research towards a holistic ecosystem based approach.

He holds a Masters in Fisheries Science from Rhodes University, South Africa. His science career focussed on environmental, conservation, population dynamics and natural resource management research.

Pieter-Jan joined AFBI in 2003 and has been involved in advice provision to government managers and non-government stakeholders in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom for more than 15 years. He represents Northern Ireland on ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) and formerly European Union working and study groups. He is currently the UK member on the ICES Advisory Committee.

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