Dr Diane Burgess










+44 (0) 2890 255 211

Research Group

Environmental Economics

Research Interests

  • Environmental valuation
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Recreation
  • Land use


Diane is a Principal Agricultural Economist in the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute and the Head of the Environmental Economics Group in Economics Research Branch.  She is an environmental economist with over 20 years of applied experience, including research into plant health, agri-environment schemes, woodlands, landscapes, biodiversity, wetlands, coastal & marine management and animal welfare.

Select Publications

Christie, S. J., McCann, D., Annett, J., Bankhead, J., Burgess, D., Casement, P., Christie, P., Cooper, A., Griffin, J., Halliday, N., Kirkpatrick,H., Maguire, C., McAdam, J., McColgan, R., McMullan, M., Orford, J., Schoeman, D., Scott, R., Tomlinson, R. & Wright, M.( 2011). Chapter 18:  Status and Changes in the UK Ecosystems and their Services to Society: Northern Ireland.  In: The UK National Ecosystem Assessment Technical Report. UK National Ecosystem Assessment, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge

Bateman, I. J., Burgess, D. E., Hutchinson, W. G. and Matthews, D. I. (2008). Learning design contingent valuation (LDCV): NOAA guidelines, preference learning and coherent arbitrariness. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 55, Issue 2, March 2008, pp 127–141