Corporate plans

AFBI was established under the Agriculture (Northern Ireland) Order 2004 with the function of undertaking scientific work in the fields of agriculture, animal health and welfare, food, fisheries, forestry, the natural environment and rural development and enterprise.

AFBI science underpins a wide range of DAERA work programmes and policies by providing the underpinning statutory and analytical testing, monitoring and surveillance science, research and development work, emergency response capability and expert scientific advice. Our work also aligns to Ministerial and Departmental priorities.

In addition to our core assigned work programme for DAERA, AFBI also leverages additional income from a wide range of local, national and international research funders and other customers. This external work is complimentary and synergistic to the DAERA funded science programmes.

These documents set out the ambition and vision of what AFBI, through its science programmes, aims to deliver over the period of each plan.

On this page, you can find current and past AFBI Corporate Plans: