Finance and Corporate Affairs Division

Part of: Introducing AFBI

Rural Co. Down
Finance and Corporate Affairs Division (FCAD) is responsible for the management of AFBI’s corporate functions and supports the delivery of services by AFBI’s Science Divisions. FCAD consists of:

  • Governance and Performance Branch (incorporating the Secretariat and Coordination Unit)
  • AFBI Innovations (including Press Office);
  • Biometrics and Information Systems Branch;
  • Emergency Planning, Health and Safety and Estates Branch;
  • Finance Branch; and
  • Human Resources Branch.

AFBI has a Management Statement and Financial Memorandum with DARD that describes the governance arrangements under which it operates.  These take account of The Agriculture (Northern Ireland) Order 2004 as well as Managing Public Money Northern Ireland. 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is in place setting out the governance arrangements for the delivery of the Assigned Work Programme for DAERA. DAERA commissions bi-annual reviews of the implementation and operation of the MoU during the year.

DAERA and AFBI also completed implementation of the improvement actions identified following an Arm’s Length Body Risk Assessment by DAERA's AFBI Sponsor Branch.