Dr Claire Jack




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Research Group

Farm and Household Economics 

Research Interests

  • Economic resilience and well-being of farm and rural households
  • Education
  • Skills and Training
  • Policy Evaluation
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Claire is a Principal Research Economist and team lead of the Farm and Household Economics Research Group; directing and undertaking research relating to agricultural and rural policy development alongside policy evaluation. Research focuses on applying quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques to understanding influences on farm and rural households’ decision-making and their outcomes/impacts.

Recent and current research areas include farm diversification and rural entrepreneurship; education and training in agriculture; farm safety; barriers to longer term land leasing and modelling farming systems in response to market and policy changes.  Claire and her team are also involved in policy evaluation, currently evaluating the Farm Business Improvement Scheme, which is part of the N.I Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

Claire obtained her BSc in Economics and PhD in Agricultural Economics from Queen’s University Belfast. She is a member of the Agricultural Economics Society (AES).  Claire is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of an ESRC funded project ‘Administrative Data –Agricultural Research Collection’ AD|ARC

Select Publications

Ashfield, A., Mullan, C., Jack, C.G. (2020).  Encouraging farmer participation in agricultural education and training: A Northern Ireland perspective. International Journal of Agricultural Management. Volume 9 page 96-106

Jack, C., Adenuga, A.H., Ashfield, A. and Mullan, C., 2020. Understanding the drivers and motivations of farm diversification: Evidence from Northern Ireland using a mixed methods approach. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 22(3):161-176

Angioloni, S., Jack, C.G., McCarry, R. (2021) Occupational Injury and Working Days Lost in Northern Ireland’s Farming Sector. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics:1-26 (Forthcoming)

Jack, C.G., Adenuga, A., Ashfield, A., Wallace, M. (2020). Investigating the drivers of farmers’ engagement in a participatory extension programme: the case of Northern Ireland business development groups. Sustainability:12(11), 4510

Jack, C.G., Miller, A., Ashfield, A., Anderson, D. (2019). New entrants and succession into farming in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Agricultural Management:

Current Projects