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Of all the many factors that come together to make AFBI what it is, nothing is more important than our employees. Every area of our service delivery is underpinned by a number of dedicated teams working in synchrony to ensure the provision of scientific excellence. Across our four divisions, every team member, from those on the scientific front to those working behind the scenes in one of our offices, plays an essential role in delivering our long tradition of excellence, whilst helping to propel future discoveries.

External Recruitment Competitions

Together we are better

Our People Vision is to:
Attract, empower and grow purpose-driven staff with the passion and capability to pursue excellence, embrace technology and cultivate innovation and change.

This is how we do great science.
Great people. Great science.

AFBI Employee Benefits

For further information on AFBI's unrivalled benefits package for employees read AFBI Employee Benefits.

Recruitment Overview

Thank you for your interest in our organisation. At AFBI you will find a fantastic team spirit and a commitment to developing you and your skills so that you can choose to have a long-term career with us.

Staff Testimonials 

Get to know some of our staff by viewing our Staff Testimonials.

The Candidate Information Booklet (CIB)

The Candidate Information Booklet details duties associated to the job role, eligibility criteria, details of testing if appropriate, competencies associated to the job role and application to the interview process.

Making your application

The application form is designed to ensure that applicants provide the necessary information to determine how they meet the job requirements and the eligibility/shortlisting criteria.

Further Guidance for Applicants

Further information for applicants is available by reading Further Guidance for Applicants.

The Competency Framework

The competency framework sets out how all employees should work. It puts the organisations values of integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality at the heart of everything they do, and it aligns to the three high-level leadership behaviours that every employee needs to model as appropriate to their role and level of responsibility: Set Direction; Engage People and Deliver Results. Competencies are the skills, knowledge and behaviours that lead to successful performance. The framework outlines ten competencies, which are grouped into three clusters. The competencies are intended to be discrete and cumulative, with each level building on the levels below i.e. a person demonstrating a competency at level 3 should be demonstrating levels 1 and 2 as a matter of course.

The competency framework can be read

It is important that all candidates familiarise themselves with the competency framework as this forms the basis of the assessment / interview criteria as outlined below. 

Interview Guide for Applicants

Applicants can read the following Interview Guide for Applicants.

Order of Merit

All candidates will be taken through the same selection process.  Following the interview process, those candidates who meet the required standard(s) and pass mark will be deemed suitable for appointment.  The selection panel will then list those suitable for appointment in order of merit.  HRConnect will allocate a candidate (or candidates) to a vacancy (or vacancies) in the order listed.  The order of merit is valid for one year.

Further appointments 

Where a further position in AFBI is identified which is considered broadly similar to that outlined in the candidate information booklet, consideration will be given to filling the position from this competition. 

Changes in personal circumstances

Please ensure HRConnect are informed immediately of any changes in personal circumstances.

Communication between HRConnect and you

HRConnect will issue electronically as many competition communications as possible, you should therefore check your email account to make sure that you don’t miss any important communications in relation to this competition. There may, however, still be a necessity to issue some correspondence by hard copy mail.

Transgender Requirements

Should you currently be going through a phase of transition in respect of gender and wish this to be taken into consideration in confidence to enable you to attend any part of the assessment process please contact HRConnect. Details of this will only be used for this purpose and do not form any part of the selection process.

Disability Requirements

We will ask on the application form if you require any reasonable adjustments, due to disability, to enable you to attend any part of the assessment process.  Details of any disability are only used for this purpose and do not form any part of the selection process.  If you have indicated on your application that you have a disability and are successful in the selection process and are being considered for appointment, you may be required to outline any adjustments you consider necessary in order for you to take up an appointment.   If you wish to discuss your disability requirements further, please contact HRConnect.

Pre-Employment Checks

Further information on pre-employment checks can be read in the Pre-Employment Checks document.