Dr Aurelia Samuel





Research Group

Regional economics and sustainability

Research Interests

  • Micro-modelling
  • Applied Economics
  • Environmental Protection
  • Project Management

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Dr Samuel majored in Agricultural Economics throughout her educational career. First at the University of Ibadan (first degree), then Imperial College (MSc) and lastly, University of Reading (PhD). She has more than 15 years of experience in both quantitative/qualitative surveys and economic modelling.

She has applied econometrics and quantitative techniques within diverse disciplines such as ammonia mitigation measures, crop genetics, sustainability, non-market valuation of public and quasi-public goods and farm technologies.

She has worked previously with Biodiversity International (in Rome, Columbia and France) and the University of Copenhagen to aid in the development and application of models for optimizing conservation decisions.

She has of recent, successfully led the Economics work package  on the project ‘The cost of tackling ammonia emissions in Northern Ireland’

She is a member of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE)

Select Publications

Balcombe, K.G., Samuel, A.F and Fraser, I.M “Estimating WTP with Uncertainty Choice Contingent Valuation”Online publication (2009)

Samuel, A.F., Drucker, A.,Simianer H., Andersen, S.B & van Zonneveld, M “Development of a cost-effective diversity-maximizing decision-support tool for in situ crop genetic resources conservation: the case of cacao” Briefing paper: Case study of five rural businesses: Samuel et al (2016)

Samuel et al (2016). Analysis of the demand for broadband for rural Northern Ireland

Sustainability of the Northern Ireland Nephrops Fishing Fleet - an analysis of the balance between fishing capacity and fishing opportunities: Final report with additional indicators:  Samuel et al (2016)