Training courses, visiting traineeships and education

Area of Expertise:

AFBI delivers specialised and customised training to industry and local universities

Educational opportunities

Specialised and customised training is delivered to industry, local universities and to overseas and visiting students.  These include:

Customised courses:

  • Sensory methods and method development for industry
  • Sensory methods for quality assurance or for new product development
  • Analytical chemistry or microbiological methods
  • Chemical analyses for food quality assurance
  • Accreditation of laboratories for overseas customers

Visiting trainees and students:

  • Visiting postgraduate students have made use of AFBI facilities to conduct a part of their studies as well as contributing to AFBI research
  • Visiting trainees learn the techniques of food analysis through hands-on experience and working alongside experienced scientists

Contact: Food chemistry group, Food microbiology group or Chemical surveillance group