Specialist chemical analyses

Area of Expertise:

AFBI uses a range of mass spectrometry based methods to analyse the chemical composition of low and high molecular weight compounds in complex sample matrices.

Specialist mass spectrometry based analytical techniques

AFBI has a range specialist mass spectrometry based analytical techniques. Various sample introduction techniques permit analysis of both small and large compounds in complex sample matrices. These include headspace for volatile compounds, liquid chromatography for non-volatile or themally labile compounds  to pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry which can be utilised for the characterisation of both natural i.e. plant based and synthetic polymers.

Analyses have included:

  • The determination of artificial sweeteners and caffeine in surface waters
  • Compositional analyses of seaweed species and biostimulant formulations
  • Identification of metabolites in bacterial biotransformations
  • Determination of antioxidants in fruit and vegetables