Project: Investigation of methods to improve the efficient use of feed by pigs

Area of Expertise:

Project objective: This project builds on previous DARD funded research (Projects 0290) which has been used effectively by CAFRE technologies to advise the pig industry on best management practices and by pig producers to improve productivity.

Project leader: Dr Elizabeth Magowan

Project details

The current programme of research has been requested by CAFRE Technologists as an essential continuation to previous research in the ongoing strive to improve the efficiency of pig production in NI and provide sustainable solutions for all producers.

Members of the feed industry (Kiernans Milling, John Thompson and Sons Ltd and Devenish Nutrition Ltd) and producer groups (ReGen, BPEX) have also expressed both financial and academic support for the current programme of research.

Overall objectives of the programme of research

  1. To optimise the use of expensive starter diets pre and post weaning so that savings in feed cost can be attained without compromising the lifetime performance of pigs
  2. To evaluate different feed forms in terms of cost of production through the mill and feed efficiency use on farm so that accurate advise can be give to the feed industry and pig producers regards the economics involved in Low energy feed.
  3. To investigate the effect of disturbance in the latter finishing stages on pig growth and feed efficiency so that producers can seek alternative management strategies to selecting pigs at slaughter so that optimum growth performance and feed efficiency is maintained for all pigs until slaughter.

Knowledge Transfer

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