Meat science and dairy science

Area of Expertise:

AFBI specialises in sector-based research for the meat and dairy industries throughout primary and secondary production.

Research for the meat and dairy industries

AFBI Food Science specialises in sector-based research for the meat and dairy industries, with scientific knowledge throughout primary and secondary production, including quality, safety and consumer and economic aspects of the end product.  Research is conducted on optimising and the prediction of eating quality of these foods.  Research is also conducted on other foods, such as fish, bakery and vegetable produce from time to time.

AFBI can apply scientifically rigorous studies to the production of livestock or horticultural products from the farm through to the quality and safety of the end product.  This ability is now unusual in the UK, and highly significant with respect to the food science aspects of emerging pathogens, and tracing chemical contamination.  This allows a strong “supply chain approach”.

Research on meat and dairy science with the NI industry has led to new business, new products, revised processing parameters and more efficient production in a number of companies.  It has provided independent research that allows food companies to respond to retailer demands.

Contact: Food chemistry group

Workshop on beef eating quality in Milan 2015

Beef industry representatives and scientists from across Europe met on 1-2 October 2015, for a workshop entitled "Sustainable beef quality for Europe – a Workshop for Industry and Scientists". The meeting was organised by Dr Linda Farmer of the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Northern Ireland together with Dr Laura Nuccilli of the British Embassy in Rome (who sponsored the meeting), Prof Antonella Baldi (University of Milan) and Dr Kees de Roest (Centre for Research on Production of Animals, Italy). The meeting was held at the University of Milan and was associated with the Milan Food Expo 2015.

Workshop presentations can be viewed via this link