Meat hygiene and rapid testing

Area of Expertise:

AFBI conducts studies on food spoilage organisms and pathogens using modern molecular techniques.

Food spoilage organisms

Research and service work are conducted on food spoilage organisms and pathogens, using PCR and other modern molecular techniques.  AFBI Food Science has developed novel, rapid, cost-effective methods to allow the meat industry to monitor the quality and safety of its food products.  An expanding commercial testing system is widely used, testament to the value of FSB services to the meat industry.

Expert interpretation of results within the context of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and other Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) schemes are available. Molecular analyses e.g. polymerase chain reaction assays and genotyping can also be called upon, if necessary, to resolve industrial problems. Short and long term investigations can be carried out.

Rapid commercial testing is available for Clostridium in abattoirs and Campylobacters on farms. All work is performed and results communicated in the strictest confidence using the latest electronic methods.

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