Meat and dairy analyses

Area of Expertise:

AFBI conducts and has the following capability for analyses on meat and meat products, milk and dairy products as well as other foods.


  • Physical measurements: pH and temperature, sarcomere lengths
  • Rheological measurements: shear force and other stress tests, viscosity
  • Lipids: Total fat and fatty acid composition
  • Flavour: GC-MS and odour assessment of flavour volatiles; LC, GC, MS of flavour precursors and taste compounds
  • Texture: Instron, texture analysis, sarcomeres
  • Appearance and spectroscopy: Colour and colour matching cabinet, reflectance spectrophotometer, visible colour measurements, NIR, Raman.
  • Prediction methods: NIR, Raman, MSA and others
  • Supply chain: Effect of production and processing on eating quality
  • Sensory and consumer panels: Trained panels (sensory profiling, detailed objective attributes), untrained lay panels (product liking and simple attributes), Consumer panels (n >100; product liking), quality assurance panels
  • Sensory evaluation:  BS and ISO methods, controlled lighting & ventilation, panels conducted at AFBI, home or away from base
  • Statistical design evaluation: experimental design, statistics, multivariate analyses, preference mapping to relate consumer, trained panel and instrumental data