Chemical & microbiological analysis of foods

Area of Expertise:

AFBI undertakes statutory analyses for microbial pathogens and spoilage organisms and for chemical contaminants in food and foodstuffs

AFBI expertise

Research is carried out with, and for, the local and national agri-food industries through programmes to underpin their knowledge-base, improve competitiveness and increase consumer confidence and choice. AFBI’s expertise in food chemistry and food microbiology provides government regulators and the different sectors of the industry with appropriate advice. 

The focus of research includes optimising the eating quality and nutritional value of various foods; developing and evaluating novel production and processing methods, e.g. eliminating food-borne pathogens and minimising food spoilage organisms and determining the impact of agri-chemical contaminants.

AFBI’s food scientists and agricultural production scientists work together with the food industry, thus involving the complete supply chain for maximising research outcomes. AFBI fulfils national reference laboratory functions in several areas:
Food microbiology