AUTODAIRY Project - What is it?

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The AUTODAIRY project, being managed by AFBI, will study the effect of automation on a range of commercial farms. What exactly will it do and why should you consider taking part?

What is the AUTODAIRY Project?

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AFBI's AUTODAIRY project studies the impact of switching to robotic milking on welfare, labour, skills and productivity on Northern Irish dairy farms.

To study this, we are looking for dairy farms volunteer to participate in our study. We are looking for two groups of dairy farms:

  1. Dairy farms that are planning to switch from parlour milking to robotic milking within the next year. We will compare welfare, labour and productivity of these farms before and after the switch to robotic milking
  2. Parlour milking dairy farms that are not planning to switch to robotic milking (these will be used as a control group and the development of welfare, labour and productivity over time will be monitored).

Why take part?

  • If you are installing a milking robot, you will receive clear information on how your investment affects your farm.
  • In any case, you will find out more about your farm’s strengths and weaknesses regarding cow welfare, labour and productivity.
  • You will be able to compare welfare, labour and productivity of your farm to that of other (anonymised) Northern Irish dairy farms.
  • You will be compensated for your time (£100 per visit to your farm).
  • You will help to future-proof NI dairy farming!

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