ALICE Toolkit

The Toolkit has been developed to help farmers implement nature friendly solutions on their land

Download the pdf: ALICE Toolkit for Carlingford Catchment Area 

Discover what is currently included in the Toolkit and share your thoughts. Help to improve the catchment, hectare by hectare.

ALICE Toolkit Presentation by David Bannon March 2021:  

ALICE Models

Carlingford Catchment was chosen as one of four locations around Europe to benefit from the development of new, state-of-the-art digital maps. These have been created to help explore how changes in the way land and water is looked after can benefit the catchment, especially in the face of climate change

Carlingford Catchment Models Presentation by Graham Finney March 2021: 

Success Story Presentation Videos

As part of our Carlingford Catchment Conversations in September 2020, we invited three speakers to share their experience of delivering Nature Based Solutions to inspire our stakeholders   

Ballinderry Rivers Trust project presentation by Mark Horton September 2020 

Mourne Heritage Trust Presentation by Matthew Bushby September 2020

The Eddleston Water Project. Video by Swift Films, Edinburgh

Eddleston Water Project Presentation by Chris Spray September 2020

ALICE Carlingford Catchment Case Study Area Video

Highlighting land-use related problems in the Carlingford Catchment case study area