Dr Alastair Greig



Research Group

Agri-food Systems Economics

Research Interests

  • Economic modelling
  • General equilibrium modelling
  • Macroeconomics


Dr Alastair Greig is a Senior Agricultural Economist in AFBI’s systems modelling team. He is responsible for implementing a number of the macro-models produced by AFBI, and produced the AFBI agri-food input-output table.

Alastair has a number of years’ experience of UK public statistics having worked in the Scottish Government statistical service as a statistician. He now works closely with NI statistical providers, and has a broad knowledge of NI economic accounts.

Before coming to AFBI, Alastair worked at the University of Strathclyde as a researcher. There, he incorporated the devolution of income tax powers into a Scotland-wide macro-model (CGE model). This included relatively recent changes to the Scottish block grant. These extensions were subsequently used in a variety of research projects

Select Publications

Greig, A. and Wu, Z. (2021). The impacts of a reduction in British meat and dairy consumption on Northern Ireland’s agri-food sector, Local Economy

Emonts-Holley, T., Greig, A., Lecca, P., Lisenkova, K., McGregor, P. G., & Swales, J. K (2019). A Scandinavian ‘high-tax, high-spend’ model for regions? The impact of enhanced regional fiscal autonomy. Spatial Economic Analysis, 1–18

Greig, A., Dewhurst, J. and Horner, M. (2015), Taylor's Power Law to Measure Overdispersion. Geographical Analysis, 47: 121 133