AFBI Showcase Research at Dairy Open Days

AFBI Hillsborough's Dairy and heifer unit staff recently took part in the Dairy Open Days organised by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE).  The event was a great opportunity to showcase AFBI's ongoing research projects to the large number of industry attendees.

One of the exhibits on the AFBI stand challenged farmers to consider factors influencing the quality of silage made on their farms, and the impact of this on subsequent performance.

In parallel, AFBI staff conducted a survey to identify factors which influence silage quality.  The survey was the first component of a major DAERA E&I funded proposal entitled ‘Improving the efficiency and sustainability of milk production systems through the production and utilisation of high quality grass silage’. Over 180 farmers completed the survey over the two day period, and the results are currently being analysed.

The Open Days also provided AFBI Grassland scientists with the opportunity to highlight how new technologies could become increasingly important in practical farming systems.