Dr Simone Angioloni





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Research Group

Behavioural Economics

Research Interests

  • Behavioural economics
  • Agri-food policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Health economics
  • Education economics
  • Trade
  • Migration
  • Econometrics
  • CGE


Simone Angioloni is a senior agricultural economist at AFBI Office Newforge Lane, Belfast, where he leads the research in behavioural change. He completed his Bachelor's degree and Master of Science in Finance (First Class Honours) at the University of Siena, Italy before undertaking a PhD programme in Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia, Athens Campus, GA, USA, focused on microfinance and education economics. Simone is also a chartered accountant and chartered auditor. Simone is currently collaborating with several universities in the EU and in the USA in research projects on environmental economics, education economics, sustainability, trade, and migration.

Select Publications

Occupational Injury and Working Days Lost in Northern Ireland’s Farming Sector 

Native-migrant labour substitution by industry and wage effects: evidence from the UK 

The LEADER approach and drivers of job creation 

Household allocation of microfinance credit in Kyrgyzstan 

Food Insecurity and Educational Achievement: A Multi-Level Generalization of Poisson Regression 

Food Insecurity, Nutritional Programs, and Educational Achievement