Dr Paul Caskie





+44 (0)2890 255 204


Research Group

Head of Economics Research

Research Interests

  • Farm and farm family administrative data research
  • Human capital in the agri-food sector
  • Climate change policy
  • Agricultural policy reform
  • Structural adjustment in agriculture

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Dr Caskie has over 30 years’ experience leading research, analysis, policy-making and dissemination relevant to the agri-food sector. He has been Head of Economics Research in AFBI since 2020, directing a team of 20 economists undertaking research on agricultural, environmental and rural economy issues that impact at regional, national and international levels. He was Chair of the Agricultural Economics Society (AES) between 2014 and 2020 and was instrumental in the development of EuroChoices – an outreach journal owned by the AES and European Association of Agricultural Economists - and is a member of the publication’s Advisory Board. His research interests are wide ranging but he is currently Principal Investigator of the ESRC funded Administrative Data – Agriculture Research Collection (AD|ARC) project and director of FAPRI UK - a collaboration between AFBI and the University of Missouri, funded jointly by Defra, DAERA, Welsh Government and the Scottish Government

Select Publications

Caskie, P (2018) ‘Human Capital and the CAP: The Case for Radical Policy Reform’ EuroChoices 17(3) 31-36

Davis, J; Caskie, P; Wallace, M.T (2013) ‘Promoting Structural Adjustment in Agriculture: The Economics of New Entrant Schemes for Farmers’ Food Policy 40(C) 90-96

Davis, J; Caskie, P; Wallace, M.T (2009) ‘Economics of Farmer Early Retirement’ Applied Economics 41(1) 35-43

Caskie, P; Davis, J; Wallace, M.T (2001) ‘Targeting Disadvantage in Agriculture’ Journal of Rural Studies, 17(4) 471-479

Caskie, P (2000) ‘Back to Basics: Household Food Production in Russia’ Journal of Agricultural Economics 51(2) 196-209