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An Econometric Analysis of Spatial Economic Growth in Northern Ireland

Published 05 February 2018Surveys / Evaluations

Labour Productivity in the Dairy Sector

Published 30 January 2018Surveys / Evaluations

Impact of alternative Crude Oil Prices on the UK liquid Biofuel and Agricultural Markets: FAPRI Report 2012

Published 20 November 2015Impact assessmentsResearch and analysisSurveys / Evaluations

FAPRI-UK 2012 Baseline Projections (December 2012) : Excel figures

Published 01 December 2012Impact assessmentsResearch and analysisSurveys / Evaluations

Impact of Input and Output Taxes on Agriculture in the UK: FAPRI Report 2012

Published 01 July 2012Consultation reportsImpact assessmentsSurveys / Evaluations

FAPRI‐UK model documentation

Published 01 June 2011Guidance literatureResearch and analysisSurveys / Evaluations