22 publications

Cereal Aphids - Results 2016

Published 11 November 2020Support Material

RePhoKUs Report (Oct 2020)

Published 02 October 2020Research and analysisSupport MaterialStatistical reports

Surveillance and Monitoring: Insect Declines and Sensor Science

Published 05 December 2019Support Material

Surveillance and Monitoring: Insect Declines and Sensor Science

Published 26 November 2019Support Material

Dairy Innovations 2018 - Profiting from AFBI Research Booklet

Published 08 June 2018Guidance literatureResearch and analysisSupport Material

GrassCheck 30.04.18

Published 02 May 2018Support Material

GrassCheck 16.04.18

Published 30 April 2018Support Material

Cereal Aphids - Weekly Results 2017

Published 10 November 2017Support Material

More from Grass at AFBI Loughgall

Published 22 June 2017Support Material

Seed quality assurance in Northern Ireland

Published 20 February 2017Support Material

Mush TV publications

Published 25 January 2016Support Material

Short rotation coppice willow best practice guidlines

Published 03 February 2015Support Material

Mushroom production in Ireland and GB

Published 16 January 2015Support Material

Potato flea beetles Epitrix species

Published 07 January 2015Support Material

Underlying factors affecting mushroom disease control

Published 10 December 2014Support Material

Potato flea beetles

Published 10 December 2014Guidance literatureSupport Material

Pesticide usage report: Hardy nursery stock crops 2003

Published 18 November 2014Support Material

Pesticide usage report: Soft fruit crops 2006

Published 18 November 2014Support Material