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2020 European Union and United Kingdom FAPRI Baseline Briefing Book

Published 04 November 2021Research and analysis

AFBI IO Development and Multipliers

Published 12 August 2021Research and analysis

Dairy Productivity Growth in Northern Ireland Summary Report

Published 21 June 2021Policy papersResearch and analysis

Dairy Sector Productivity Growth in Northern Ireland: Trends and Drivers

Published 25 May 2021Policy papersResearch and analysis

Impact of Decoupled Payments on Production: Policy Briefing Report

Published 06 May 2021Research and analysis

Decomposition of Dairy Productivity Growth in Northern Ireland

Published 30 April 2021Policy papersResearch and analysis

Impact on UK Agriculture of changes to Direct Payments following Brexit

Published 28 September 2020Research and analysisStatistical reports

Literature review: Key Drivers of Agricultural Productivity Growth

Published 17 December 2018Policy papersResearch and analysis

AFBI Research Impacts 2018

Published 27 March 2018Research and analysis

Sustainability of the Northern Ireland Nephrops Fishing Fleet

Published 10 November 2017Research and analysis

AFBI report: Post-Brexit Trade Agreements on UK Agriculture

Published 16 August 2017Independent reportsResearch and analysisStatistical reports

Impact of alternative Crude Oil Prices on the UK liquid Biofuel and Agricultural Markets: FAPRI Report 2012

Published 20 November 2015Impact assessmentsResearch and analysisSurveys / Evaluations

FAPRI-UK Baseline projections 2015

Published 01 April 2015Development plan/frameworkResearch and analysisStatistical reports

The impact of trade liberalisation on agriculture in Scotland

Published 01 February 2015Consultation reportsResearch and analysisSupport Material

FAPRI EU and UK Baseline Briefing Book 2015

Published 01 January 2015Guidance literatureResearch and analysisSupport Material

Assessing the costs of risk management tools: FAPRI 2014

Published 01 May 2014Consultation reportsResearch and analysis

Incorporating uncertainties within the FAPRI-UK Modelling System: A Stochastic Approach: FAPRI 2014

Published 01 May 2014Independent reportsResearch and analysisStatistical reports

Sectoral impact of transferring funds from CAP Pillar I to Pillar II

Published 01 August 2013Impact assessmentsResearch and analysis