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FDS preliminary report on food processing sector in N. Ireland

Published 27 September 2017Impact assessmentsInspection reportsSupport Material

AFBI Research Impacts publication

Published 23 March 2017Impact assessments

Impact of alternative Crude Oil Prices on the UK liquid Biofuel and Agricultural Markets: FAPRI Report 2012

Published 20 November 2015Impact assessmentsResearch and analysisSurveys / Evaluations

Assessing the impact of EU biofuel support policies

Published 01 April 2015Consultation reportsGuidance literatureImpact assessments

Sectoral impact of transferring funds from CAP Pillar I to Pillar II

Published 01 August 2013Impact assessmentsResearch and analysis

Impact of CAP Post-2013 reforms on Agriculture in the UK: FAPRI Project Report

Published 01 February 2013Impact assessmentsResearch and analysis

FAPRI-UK 2012 Baseline Projections (December 2012) : Excel figures

Published 01 December 2012Impact assessmentsResearch and analysisSurveys / Evaluations

Impact of Input and Output Taxes on Agriculture in the UK: FAPRI Report 2012

Published 01 July 2012Consultation reportsImpact assessmentsSurveys / Evaluations