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Animal disease surveillance reports 2018

Published 12 December 2018Inspection reportsResearch and analysis

Privacy Notice - AFBI Cattle Health Scheme

Published 09 November 2018Notices

Annual Report and Accounts 2016-2017

Published 05 November 2018Corporate reportsFinancial plans and reports

UK-NRLMB Annual Report 2017-2018

Published 11 September 2018Statistical reports

Poultry submission form

Published 19 July 2018Forms

Equine submission form

Published 19 July 2018Forms

AFBI Cattle Health Scheme Submission Form 1

Published 18 July 2018Forms

Dairy Innovation 2018- Posters

Published 08 June 2018Research and analysis

Fish Disease Unit submission form

Published 29 May 2018Forms

Privacy Notice - Bacteriology Branch

Published 25 May 2018Notices

Privacy Notice - Honey bee Husbandry Survey

Published 23 May 2018Notices

Animal Health- Disease surveillance price list 2018-19

Published 15 May 2018Support Material

Animal Health - Commercial price list 2018 - 19

Published 09 May 2018Support Material