Dr Adewale Adenuga

E-mail Adewale.adenuga@afbini.gov.uk
Research Interests Economics of Farm Households; Policy Impact Assessment; Environmental Economics; Production Economics; Farm Management; Development Economics
Research Group Agriculture and Food Economics

Selected Publications

  • Adenuga A. H., Davis J., Hutchinson G., Donnellan T and Patton M. (2018). Estimation and determinants of phosphorus balance and use efficiency of dairy farms in Northern Ireland: A within and between farm random effects analysis. Agricultural Systems 164(11-19).
  • Adenuga A. H., Davis J., Hutchinson G., Donnellan T. and Patton M. (2018). Modelling regional environmental efficiency differentials of dairy farms on the island of Ireland. Ecological Indicators 95(1) (851-861
  • Babatunde, R. O., Oyedeji, O. A., Omoniwa, A. E. and Adenuga, A. H. (2016): Willingness-to-pay for community-based health insurance by farming households: A case study of Hygeia Community Health Plan in Kwara State, Nigeria. Trakia Journal of Sciences, 14 (3) 281-286.
  • Adenuga, A. H.; Omotesho, O.A.; Ojehomon, V.E.T.; Diagne, A.; Ayinde, O.E. & Arouna, A. (2016): Adoption of improved rice varieties and its impact on multi-dimensional poverty of rice farming households in Nigeria Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture, 21(1):24-32
  • Farnsworth K. D., Adenuga A. H., and R.S. de Groot R. S. (2015).  The complexity of biodiversity: A biological perspective on economic valuation. Ecological Economics, 120 (350-354)
  • Adenuga A. H., Omotesho O. A. Ojehomon V. E. T., and Diagne, A. (2014): Determinants of adoption of improved rice varieties in selected local government areas in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Ife Journal of Agriculture
  • Adenuga, A. H., Muhammad-Lawal,  A. and Rotimi, O. A. (2013): Economics and technical efficiency of dry season tomato production in selected areas in Kwara State, Nigeria, Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics 5(1); 11-19
  • Omotesho, O. A., Adenuga, A. H., Muhammad-Lawal, A. and Bello, S. A. (2012): Efficiency differentials of foreign and local farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa 14 (5): 65-74.


Dr Adenuga is a Senior Agricultural Economist in the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI). His current research focuses on investigating the economic and environmental impact of agricultural policies including their effect on the welfare and livelihood of farming households. Through his research, he provides insights into factors that influence sustainable agricultural practices among farming households and also has a keen interest in understanding those factors which impact on the behaviours and actions aimed at improving farm-level safety. Before joining AFBI, he worked as a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD in Agricultural and Food Economics from Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom. He holds an MSc in agricultural Economics and a B. Agric. (First Class Honours) in Agriculture (with specialisation in Agricultural Economics) both from the University of Ilorin Nigeria.  He is a recipient of the Africa Rice graduate scholarship and the Walsh PhD fellowship for Doctoral studies. He is a member of various national and international learned professional societies including the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE), the Agricultural Economics Society, United Kingdom (AES) and the Nigeria Association of Agricultural Economists.