With the support of key stakeholders, the QUB and AFBI Alliance’s members continue to work to fulfil a shared mission, to create a globally connected state of the art research, education, enterprise and knowledge exchange alliance that addresses grand challenges in agriculture and food security and facilitates a future generation of skilled professionals, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to transform our current food production systems.

Recognising the value of strategic partnerships, throughout 2021 the Alliance worked to strengthen existing links with internal and external stakeholders from across Northern Ireland’s knowledge base, government and industry. Most recently co-hosting the George Scott Robertson Memorial Lecture, delivered by Prof Maggie Gill, alongside partners the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) and the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU). It is hoped that as we enter 2022 there will be further opportunities to engage with stakeholders, both virtually and in person.

The potential for positive impact through collaborative working has been demonstrated by AFBI and QUB researchers in recent months, with several teams gaining national and international recognition for a range of research projects, including exploring the use of seaweed supplements to reduce livestock methane emissions and willow in the race for net zero. These projects form part of the wider scientific focus of the Alliance which consists of four research themes:

  • Resilient Livestock Systems –Theme Leads: Dr Steven Morrison (AFBI), Prof Sharon Huws (Queen’s)
  • Environmental Resilience – Theme Leads: Dr Donnacha Doody (AFBI), Prof Mark Emmerson (Queen’s)
  • Food Safety & Quality – Theme Leads: Dr Steven Crooks (AFBI), Dr Linda Farmer (AFBI), Prof Mark Mooney (Queen’s), Prof Jayne Woodside (Queen’s)
  • Data and Enabling Technologies – Theme Leads: Ms Erica Chisholm (AFBI), Gavin McWilliams (Queen’s)

To find out more about the Queen’s & AFBI Alliance (including key points of contact and available research facilities) and to discuss both ongoing and potential collaborations please contact Joanna Mulholland (Alliance Project Manager).