Instrumental analysis of food quality

Area of Expertise:

AFBI offers a range of food analysis using various instrumental and physical methods.

Instrumental analytical methods

Instrumental and physical measurements of food quality complement the sensory analysis of foods.  These include:

  • Colour characteristics, such as CIE-Lab profiles, reflectance and light scattering are quantified by spectrophotometer analysis
  • Spectroscopic analysis by NIR, Raman and related spectroscopic techniques
  • Texture analysis using Texture Profile Analysis, Warner-Bratzler shear, tensile, compression and fracture testing
  • Analyses of flavour compounds (taste compounds and odour volatiles) and flavour precursors using LC, ion chromatography, LC-MSMS and GC-MS-olfactometry
  • Meat quality measurements such as water holding capacity, pH/temperature declines, sarcomere lengths etc
  • Lipid and fatty acid analyses, trans fatty acids, RAPID methods
  • Spectroscopic (NIR, Raman) and other methods for quality prediction
  • Vitamins and food antioxidants for health, including analyses for carotenoids, vitamins E, A, C and flavonoids
  • Antinutritional components, e.g. glycoalkaloids

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