HPP application - Dairy products

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High pressure processing (HPP) is being used commercially to produce longer life yoghurt with live and active cultures, probiotic drinks and a colostrum health drink.

Novel HPP dairy products

HPP can also affect the protein structure in milk, giving the potential to produce cheese with unique, desirable characteristics. This has been used successfully in the manufacture of mozzarella cheese which has improved “meltability” and stringiness – both desirable characteristics in pizza production. Changes in the protein structure can also lead to novel gelling properties, which could be of value in the manufacture of yoghurts and other dairy desserts.

Pressure-treated raw milk cheese

HPP can successfully kill many of the microorganisms commonly found in milk, including spoilage and food poisoning bacteria in milk. However, HPP can confer additional and unique advantages. For example, there is potential to pressure-treat raw milk, which can then be used in the production of “raw milk” mould-ripened cheese. The treatment will be able to remove many of the undesirable and potentially harmful bacteria from the milk, without affecting the traditional quality of the cheese.

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