High pressure processing of foods - Toll facility

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AFBI has developed a High Pressure Processing (HPP) Toll Facility as an ideal solution for food businesses who have already investigated and optimised processing conditions and now wish to sell pressure-treated foods without having to make the capital investment to purchase their own facility.

AFBI's HPP unit

We have a commercially rated high pressure processing unit (35 litre capacity) which operates up to 600 MPa and at temperatures of 10 to 50°C.

How will the toll facility work?

Products can be delivered in person or via a courier to the AFBI Newforge site with our staff carrying out the pressure processing. Processing conditions such as temperature, pressure and time are recorded electronically and the customer will receive full details with each batch, as part of the quality assurance and traceability process.

We are happy to discuss our HPP facilities and services with any food business or research institute interested in using the technology. Visitors are welcome, by appointment and we can enter into confidentiality agreements, if required.

This service is charged by the hour. Pricing details are available on request.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding the Toll facility, please email us at high.pressure@afbini.gov.uk

AFBI also offers a full range of laboratory services to support product development. Overall, this provides food businesses with unique opportunities to investigate, on a confidential basis, the suitability of the technology for their products.