Forage maize recommended lists

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The information on forage maize varieties presented on this website gives the Northern Ireland forage maize grower a comprehensive guide to varieties best suited for use within the province.

Forage maize recommended lists

These webpages present the Recommended List of Forage Maize varieties for Northern Ireland. It is produced by AFBI for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland and is an important information resource for local growers, seed traders and international plant breeders.

The webpages contain the main performance characteristics of the Forge Maize varieties recommended for use in Northern Ireland.  These varieties have all been tested under local growing conditions and found capable of providing high agronomic performances consistent with the needs of Northern Ireland growers.

Varieties are selected for testing based primarily on performances in UK National List trials, supplemented by evidence of variety performances supplied by breeders and their marketing representatives (all listed varieties are conventionally bred).  Given that Northern Ireland is a marginal maize growing area, the varieties tested to date have been from the earlier end of the maturing range within the forage maize crop.

The results presented in these webpages are an accumulation of eighteen years of trial studies in order to develop appropriate systems for assessing varieties under Northern Ireland’s climatic conditions and to provide a robust over-years data matrix of variety performances.  This work has also provided an understanding of how different types of varieties react to local growing conditions and management options and has built up a sufficient quantity of results to make these recommendations possible.

No varieties with severe weaknesses in lodging or brackling, disease resistance or any other agronomic factors are recommended, though if varieties are left to ‘over mature’ then some lodging and brackling may occur.  All varieties are on the EU Common Catalogue and most are currently on the UK National List of Forage Maize Varieties.

Seed supplies are expected to be available for all the fully listed varieties during 2015, though quantities of the most sought after varieties may not always meet demand and so early selection of seed for sowing is advised.  In the majority of cases, however, suitable alternatives of a similar type are available and in case of difficulty, guidance can be acquired from the DARD contacts listed in contacts and services.

Recommended forage maize varieties 2015 

Summary of recommended varieties

Variety testing system

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