ANSWER - Agricultural Need for Sustainable Willow Effluent Recycling

ANSWER is a cross-border project examining the potential of using Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow for the bioremediation of effluents and leachates. It is funded through the European Union European Regional Development Fund. AFBI is the Lead Partner. There are seven other partners. The total funding is £2.1m. This is an innovative project forged on strong links between scientists, local authorities, water utilities and educational establishments.
ANSWER is about bringing low carbon and environmentally sustainable solutions for dealing with organic waste, while simultaneously creating renewable bioenergy.
This project is built on work already conducted by AFBI on growing SRC willow and its use as a multi-functional crop, particularly for bioremediation. There is real potential that these solutions to local problems will have national and international applications.
For more infomation, contact the project co-ordinator, Dr Alistair McCracken at