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AFBI currently conducts both Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD)-funded research and contracted research for a range of other public and private sector customers.
As an independent Non-Departmental Public Body, AFBI will actively seek to extend this customer base by exploiting its unique breadth of scientific capability in the agriculture, animal health, food, environment and biosciences areas.

Research Projects

Research Aims

AFBI's Research aims are to:
  • work to the highest quality standards and, where appropriate, achieve formal quality assurance certification;
  • maximise interaction in order to achieve value for money and to ensure that, where possible, multiple objectives are addressed simultaneously;
  • ensure that both short and long term goals can be achieved and delivered effectively;
  • develop relevant national and international collaboration;
  • protect and manage any intellectual property that arises.
AFBI recognises that the need for multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to the design of research projects requires co-ordination and collaboration. Hence AFBI continues to form and extend partnership links with relevant Funding bodies and Universities, and participates in the work of appropriate national and international research bodies.

EU Projects

AFBI scientists are involved in a significant number of major European research projects and consortiums. The scientific work that is funded by EU and other grants delivers significant innovations in the agri-food sector that have helped to improve the productivity, profitability, competitiveness and environmental sustainabilty of the agri-food industry. It also adds significant value to DARD R&D projects in AFBI through leveraging in additional complementary funding from external sources.

Research Opportunities