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Making progress through research – a series of seminars for specialists

In order to make real progress in the agriculture industry on the sustainable production of milk and meat, effective technology transfer is paramount. In view of this, the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Hillsborough and AgriSearch, in conjunction with a range of industry partners held a series of seminars for industry specialists to highlight recent research developments in relation to both the beef and dairy sectors.
The full seminar proceedings can be downloaded at the links below:

Improving the sustainability of dairy farming within Northern Ireland

  • Robust milk production systems for Northern Ireland
  • Recent developments in supplementation strategies for high-yielding dairy cows during the winter
  • Reducing dietary phosphorus inputs within dairy systems
  • Key steps in reducing lameness in dairy cows
  • Recent developments in supplementation and management strategies for grazing dairy cows
  • Calculating the greenhouse gas footprint of dairy systems: a preliminary analysis of emissions from milk production systems in Northern Ireland, and some practical mitigation strategies
The full report can be downloaded at the link below:

Sheep Event 2011

  • Breeding better sheep
  • Feeding for performance
  • Flock Health
The full report can be downloaded at the link below:
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