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Specialist Facilities

AFBI possesses excellent facilities in terms of modern scientific laboratories and equipment.
The following are some examples of the facilities AFBI has to offer:
AFBI has a commercial high pressure food vessel which complements other laboratory scale equipment. This enables AFBI to work with other research centres and the food industry in research and development of pressure-treated foods.
Appearance, odour, flavour and texture are extremely important for the enjoyment of foods. The AFBI Sensory Evaluation Unit is used for research, industry and training.
AFBI's ocean-going marine research vessel provides a multi-functional platform for research and monitoring in marine fisheries, oceanography and sea-bed mapping.
The electron microscope unit at VSD houses an Jeol JEM-1400 transmission electron microscope, together with the necessary ancillary equipment for preparation of ultrathin sections of biological specimens for examination in the microscope and for negative staining of viral samples for diagnostic and research purposes.
AFBI have an operational capacity for dredge monitoring, allowing the assessment of both the dredge activity and the dumping to comply with license requirements. Small temporary moorings are established to supply real-time data to a web-hosted facility reporting temperature, salinity, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll fluorescence.
AFBI’s Marine Research Vessel Corystes, has enhanced its seabed mapping capability by taking delivery of a EM3002 high performance dual head multibeam system and Seapath 200 precise heading, attitude and positioning sensor to conduct high resolution benthic habitat mapping of the sea floor. This state-of-the-art equipment significantly enhances AFBI’s capability in the field of seabed mapping to be carried out to the highest international standards.